One of the problems with 'the sexiest job of the 21st century' is that many companies do not know exactly what the job they offer entails. This is one of the causes that leads to the churn of unfortunate data scientists. Fortunately, we can say that Veneficus is the odd one out. After all, it is bursting with happy data-driven employees, who form the core of this promising company.


We have happy data scientists for multiple reasons. First of all, the Veneficus team consists of people with different qualities and experience levels with one important agreement: the love for fact-based decision making. New employees - like myself - are closely supervised in the first period by colleagues who have been working for quite some time. In addition, the newcomers get all the freedom to master the ins and outs of Veneficus. The learning component is one of the main pillars of Veneficus for both the junior and senior data scientists. A very valuable core value in the rapidly changing world of data science.


Veneficus' years of experience has led to the creation of a data infrastructure and the execution of data analyses as an important part of the normal process flow. In this way, everyone, both employees and customers, is assured of a good basis before data models are built. The sales team translates the challenges of customers to data-driven solutions in close consultation with data scientists, so that a possible mismatch can be prevented. As a data scientist you can then start with state-of-the-art models and techniques, which are directly used in practice.


The inquisitive environment, the custom made onboarding, the solid data base, the expectation management on both sides and the friendly and helpful colleagues, make Veneficus the perfect place for the happy data scientists.