Our stand at the Big Data Expo was an incubator for interesting conversations about the power of data! Our interactive board invited people to talk to us about what data science means for them.


On 19 & 20 September it was time for the Big Data Expo! Of course Veneficus could not be missed. The 2018 edition of this annual event on big data & data science welcomed 4,777 visitors and brought a variety of disciplines together. We look back on a successful exhibition where we have inspired visitors and together we have thought about the first steps towards Optimizing Intelligence. In addition to the discussions in our stand about the power of data, we gave a lecture on both days to inspire visitors with the success stories of our clients in real estate & retail.


Inspiring during presentations is great fun, but also starting a conversation at our stand yields many beautiful insights! This year our big eye-catcher was the interactive board on which people could share the role of data science for them personally and their organization.

But how does it work? On the board there were five arguments, each with a matching color. For example: 'I am the expert' or 'This is what my company needs'. With the matching color rope, a line could be drawn to points that fit well with the argument, such as marketing, sales forecasts and security. Many visitors stopped in front of the board and thought about the meaning of data science for them or their organization in a different way.

The results after day 1...


We would not be Veneficus if we had not conduct a small analysis ourselves on the outcomes of these two days full of interactive conversations and valuable outcomes. For example, there were a lot of green ('I want to become better at ...') and yellow ('I am the expert ...') ropes used. This means that visitors of the Big Data Expo are looking for knowledge and experienced professionals. Or they are offering solutions themselves on the Big Data Expo. It was striking that the real data science techniques were hardly touched.


It has also been shown that companies prefer to improve in the field of skilled people, data management and data visualization. What companies claim to need is: efficiency, data, security, data science and added value. Where companies indicate that they need data science, there are not enough experts who consider themselves experts on specific data science techniques, at least at the Big Data Expo. A nice goal to reduce this mismatch at the Big Data Expo edition of 2019.


As Veneficus, we are of course happy to help!