It is impossible to imagine our lives without webshops. In a physical store it is easy to greet customers in a friendly way, but online customers want to be approached personally as well. The internet makes it easier to collect data. Do you already use data to grow your webshop? Interact with your customers with a personal customer journey and targeted mailings.


  • Media

    Media investments can increase the sales numbers of a webshop considerably. The effectiveness of a single online campaign can often be seen via these platforms. But how well perform advertisements on TV, radio or out of home? How big are the effects that cannot be directly linked? And what balance between the different channels is most effective?


    We analyse the impact of these different channels on the desired KPI's to determine the ROI's. Our models consider possible decreasing effectiveness of higher investments and the adstock effect (delay between the media investment and the effect). With the results, an optimal media investment strategy can then be set up to achieve the desired KPI targets.


  • Pricing & Promo

    As a retailer, you are busy with prices and promotions every day. What is the impact of a price change? Which promotion is the most effective? In a time where promotions follow each other faster and faster and prices changes are the everyday reality, it becomes increasingly difficult to find out what effect is caused by which action.


    We analyse the impact of price changes and the effectiveness of promotions. Accurate sales predictions ensure that customers do not end up at an empty shelf, or that you are left with a lot more inventory than expected. With the results of the analyses, you can work out future price changes and promotions yourself. Totally ready for the future? Let the models give recommendations about the optimal price and the most effective promotion.

  • Customer

    (R)Etailers these days know more and more about their customers, especially when a large part of your sales take place online. But how do you combine everything you know about your customers into and utilize that knowledge to make the most of your customer relationship?


    Our tools and analyses help you with exactly that. We cluster your customers on their characteristics and behaviour to get to know them better and update their clusters continuously. You can then easily target these clusters with mailing campaigns or custom landing pages.


    Want to go more personalized than targeting clusters? We can estimate the customer lifetime value of individual customers to use in marketing campaigns with cross- and up-sell advise per customer.

  • Assortment

    In a physical store, you are bounded to the square meters that you have. Which products do you offer and which ones not? With assortment and shelf differentiation we optimally organize your store, taking into account the size, but also the neighbourhood. With the help of clustering, types of locations that are very similar to each other can be found, so that the optimum assortment can be determined per type of store. 


    Sales forecasts ensure that you have the opportunity to act timely on situations that are not desirable, such as expected out-of-stock. Our forecasting models deliver accurate sales and inventory forecasts and with the right triggers, we ensure that the process can be perfectly managed. 

How we work

  • STEP 01 Potential Scan

    Many people, many needs, also within data science. Which challenge are you going to tackle first? Is there enough data available to fit a model on? We like to take small steps forward and answer these questions in the potential scan.

    • Test feasibility statistical model
    • Data inventorization
  • STEP 02 Proof of Value

    Every situation is different, so it is difficult to estimate in advance how much data science will bring for you. During the Proof of Value we develop models based on a limited scope. In this way, we can determine the added value as quickly as possible.

    • Determine added value based on limited scope
    • First insights & advice
  • STEP 03 Acceptance

    With acceptance within your organization, a data-driven solution will really take off! That is why we show, with cases from daily practice, what the added value of data science is. With a team of ambassadors within the organization, we determine how the next steps look like.

    • Achieve acceptance in the organization with cases
    • Joint effort for prototype and implementation
  • STEP 04 Prototype

    We will now fully roll out the models developed in the Proof of Value. The finalization of the models is done together with you, by analyzing the results with our joint expertise of data and business. We also set up tooling, with which you can use the models youself to support decisions.

    • Finalize models
    • Set-up tooling
    • First use in operation
  • STEP 05 Implementation

    You want to be sure that you always support decisions with the latest information. This is only possible with an automated data flow and models that directly make use of that data. We ensure that the solution fits perfectly into the excisting processes. Nothing stands in your way to let your organization grow!

    • Automated data flow & analytics
    • Improved daily operation
  • STEP 06 Embedding

    No matter how nice our cooperation is, in the end we want you to be able to do it yourself. We work on a smooth integration, in the way that best suits your organization. Still a question for our experts? You know where to find us!

    • Added value realization
    • Organize workshops
    • Knowledge transfer & documentation

Our best cases


Optimize media mix over channels

  • Allocate budget per channel
  • Greater impact of campaigns
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